Definition Of corruption


dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places

the process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased.

Barolini's love for language is evident throughout the book as well; much of the prose is concerned with ferreting out word origins, with word play, corruptions , and evolution.

Example Of corruption

  • a record of a word's corruption

  • Access errors lead to data corruption , which causes a program to behave incorrectly or crash.

  • ‘In a climate of corruption and decay, the truth is an act of rebellion’.

  • Beyond hardware failures, disruptions to data access can also come from human errors, data corruption or natural disasters.

  • Bordered by nine countries, its mineral wealth is brazenly plundered, made possible by an infernally weak state in which corruption , violence and lawlessness are rife.

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