Definition Of consummate


make (a marriage or relationship) complete by having sexual intercourse.

his first wife refused to consummate their marriage

showing a high degree of skill and flair; complete or perfect.

she dressed with consummate elegance

Example Of consummate

  • A better PM, with the persuasive skills which a consummate politician should have could have at his command, evolved a consensus.

  • All played the instrument with the most consummate skill.

  • As for Louis XVI, it seems he, too, found himself unable to consummate his marriage to his Austrian wife, Marie Antoinette.

  • At any rate, Ekeus cannot have it both ways: Kamel cannot be both ‘a consummate liar’ and a prime witness at the same time.

  • But he does, as well as a range of other noises which he throws in with consummate elegance and wit.

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