Definition Of commanding


(in military contexts) having a position of authority.

a commanding officer

be in a strong enough position to have or secure (something).

no party commanded a majority

give an authoritative order.

a gruff voice commanded us to enter

Example Of commanding

  • A headquarters was needed and the position of the castle with its commanding views over the bridge and along the river itself made Dundas the natural candidate.

  • A specific procedure to ensure formal handover of responsibility by commanding officers for actions on decisions by investigating authorities.

  • Apartment buildings overlook it, but they are not the luxury units one might expect with such a commanding view of the waterway.

  • As on the Westminster stage he has a commanding presence among the assorted collection of European heads of government and their respective finance ministers.

  • At its westernmost tip, the most commanding position of the site offers a fine panoramic view of the harbor and beyond.

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