Definition Of coffer


a recessed panel in a ceiling.

This is Penn Station's dining room as seen from below after the plaster coffers and pilasters were partially removed.

a strongbox or small chest for holding valuables.

Other variations might include the integration of a box base used for storage, but despite appearances, box settles are not derivations of a chest or coffer .

Example Of coffer

  • a battered leather coffer sealed with a waxen crest

  • A teacher on a marathon mission to boost the coffers of a charity close to her heart is staging a festive fundraiser for the cause.

  • Auctions for Internet licenses can drive up the cost and slow investment, even as they provide funds for the government coffers .

  • For more than a year he secretly used cash from the bank's coffers to keep his creditors at bay.

  • He should keep his hands off students' money and public coffers .

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