Definition Of cocksure


presumptuously or arrogantly confident.

I was stripped of a confidence that could have almost been described as arrogant - certainly cocksure - I don't think I liked myself at all in high school.

Example Of cocksure

  • Don't underestimate the broncolike ability of the English language to throw anyone who leaps cocksurely into the saddle.

  • He had hated the Marines' cocksure arrogance, all the more infuriating because it was so clearly justified.

  • He is also immature, vain, haughtily cocksure in his perception of the world and ripe for certain lessons, both emotional and intellectual.

  • He is capable, confident, and cocksure , and perhaps most importantly, seemingly content with his chosen profession and lifestyle.

  • He is intensely and cocksurely moral, but his morality and his self-interest are crudely identical.

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