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a raised border around the cockpit or hatch of a yacht or other boat to keep out water.

I began a diary, scratched on the cockpit coaming .

Example Of coaming

  • After ten minutes of motoring, during which he remembered to douse the coaming and hull with some water, he left the yawl on automatic and went below again.

  • Drucker's seat belt broke and his forehead slammed into the uncushioned coaming at the bottom of the windshield frame.

  • Evidence of the coal bunkers being forward of the boilers is provided by a pair of hatch coamings , through which the fuel would have been loaded, resting on the sand.

  • Further back, the port side of the deck is low in the silt and either the hold coamings are offset to starboard or the forward mast is offset to port.

  • Hatch coamings from the coal bunkers rest on one side, in line with the keel, still attached to a broken frame from the deck.

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