Definition Of chit-chat


inconsequential conversation.

talk about trivial matters.

I can't stand around chitchatting

Example Of chit-chat

  • After finishing the sorting of the papers and then chit-chatting while drinking their iced tea, they decided it was time for them to get back.

  • Already well-known as the son of a president, he focused on raising money and holding private chit-chats with donors and political supporters who would journey to Austin for off-the-record talks.

  • And good for him for getting an interview with the minister father who refused to talk that day, other than receiving line chit-chat , saying it was a day of worship.

  • At least one of our readers would prefer that The Sports Reporter and I dispense with the pre-review chit-chat and get down to the nitty-gritty when we write about our tandem dining-out experiences.

  • Desiree, Cheska, and Tanz went back and forth between the kitchen and the back yard while chit-chatting about mindless topics.

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