Definition Of chin


draw one's body up so as to bring one's chin level with or above (a horizontal bar) with one's feet off the ground, as an exercise.

From the very start of his bodybuilding career, the Oak made chinning a priority in his workouts.

the protruding part of the face below the mouth, formed by the apex of the lower jaw.

Typical adult females have smaller jaws, noses, and chins , and thus eyes and cheekbones that are more prominent and appear to be larger than in typical males.

Example Of chin

  • Adrian shook his head, lowering his chin and raising his hand to check his wig was on straight.

  • Ant cupped his chin in his palm as he sized up his brother.

  • By the time bombardier Billy Wood and navigator John Wilson chinned themselves into position through the nose hatch, I had pumped some of the ground crew for the naked lady's background.

  • Coby lightly rubbed his chin on my shoulder when a laugh peeled out.

  • each boy must chin a bar four times

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