Definition Of catch


a device for securing something such as a door, window, or box.

the window catch was rusty

a hidden problem or disadvantage in an apparently ideal situation.

there's a catch in it somewhere

a round, typically one with words arranged to produce a humorous effect.

The catch , a particular form of round based on word-play, was especially popular in Restoration England.

an act of catching something, typically a ball.

I saw myself fumbling easy catches and looking clumsy.

an unevenness in a person's voice caused by emotion.

there was a catch in Anne's voice

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Example Of catch

  • A child with TB may have to stay in the hospital so others do not catch the infection.

  • A good hour passes before we reach Skull Island and catch a glimpse of the mighty Kong.

  • a record catch of 6.9 billion pounds of fish

  • After cleaning myself I noticed the window catch was off.

  • Along the way several security lights were triggered one by one and the neighbours twitched their curtains aside to catch the end of the display.

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