Definition Of camper


a large motor vehicle with facilities for sleeping and cooking while camping.

The accident on the Perth to Inverness road involved a Transit van, a camper van and a Volkswagen Polo thought to be from the continent.

a person who spends a vacation in a tent or camp.

Emerging from the tent I saw the campers around us were hastily packing everything up and then dragging all their soaking gear to the shelter of the kitchen area, huddling there wet and cramped.

Example Of camper

  • A couple of campers had left their tents for the night to go walking and they must have been swamped.

  • A police spokesman said a collie was struck by a passing car as it escaped the camper van and ran away from the scene of the accident.

  • After clinching the World Cup in Germany on Sunday, Cooke was facing a drive to Holland for another race on Monday - and the prospect of a night's sleep in the team camper van .

  • Apart from the beautiful views, the site has a very high standard of facilities and several campers have remarked how impressed they were with every aspect of the park.

  • At weekends, the beaches are thick with surfers, volleyball players, all-day picnicking families and overnight campers .

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