Definition Of bunk


a narrow shelflike bed, typically one of two or more arranged one on top of the other.

Some of the crew went off-shift, stringing up hybrid bunks and hammocks belowdecks, the others continued working.


anyone with a brain cell would never believe such bunk

sleep in a narrow berth or improvised bed, typically in shared quarters as a temporary arrangement.

they bunk together in the dormitory

Example Of bunk

  • After bunking for 10 years in a two-bedroom condominium that doubled as his business office, Philip was ready to trade breakfast meetings in his pajamas for a more refined style of living.

  • All of this bunk is making its way around Nassau.

  • Although I had only booked for two, the cabin had four bunks .

  • Although it was converted from an old prison, the luxurious beds are far from bunks .

  • And I still have no idea whether it's total bunk or not.

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