Definition Of bumptious


self-assertive or proud to an irritating degree.

these bumptious young boys today

Example Of bumptious

  • And even if Mozart was an often bumptious prankster, I cannot buy Shaffer's unhinged buffoon, especially when Michael Sheen, camping sky-high, is disgraceful in the early clownish sequences and creepy in the later pathetic ones.

  • And the authorities can't be fooled into making bumptious statements because they're all media-savvy now.

  • And the Jersey driver remains a prominent folk devil all over the Northeast: bumptious , heedless, hostile and barely competent.

  • At the time of Britpop, he appeared just another brash and bumptious pop star with plenty of flash and attitude.

  • Buster will be in Edinburgh again this year, more bumptious than ever, because the bestseller - as well as being translated into German, French, Italian and Magyar - is now available in Japanese.

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