buffoonery Meaning in Hindi

तमाशा मसख़रापन

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Definition Of buffoonery


behavior that is ridiculous but amusing.

The humour of Pimple films derived from theatrical burlesque, music-hall satire and from a tradition of buffoonery that embraced such infantilised characters as Silly Billy.

Example Of buffoonery

  • A bit of buffoonery and tomfoolery are always welcome after a tense high wire act, during which everyone in the audience has been holding their breath, and looking anxiously upwards, in total empathy with the performer.

  • A filmed version of the Pirates of Penzance, it is rich in anachronism and movie jokes, camp and buffoonery

  • Added to all of this technical wizardry is a musical score by David Rhymer, performed by the entire cast with just the right mix of sentiment and buffoonery .

  • Aristotle said Irony better befits a gentleman than buffoonery ; the ironical man jokes to amuse himself, the buffoon to amuse other people.

  • But what happened last week at Westminster was not buffoonery : it was Parliament - both Houses of it - doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

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