bosks Meaning in Hindi

पेड़ों का झुंट

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Definition Of bosks


a thicket of bushes; a small wood.

Yet below the mesquite bosk that edges the bed of Cienagua Creek, water gurgles up and flows intermittently from a mostly underground stream.

Example Of bosks

  • Equipped with protecting clothes, face mask and the paintball gun, positioned in the deep bushes, thick bosks and high blockhouse, all these make a lifelike fighting atmosphere.

  • He sees in the predicament of weekend fathers patrolling ‘the Olmsted bosks of Central Park, / Its children-thronged resorts, / Pain-tainted ground’ that of lost souls in a circle of a Dantesque hell.

  • In daytime, it always hides in forest fringes or bosks , sometimes climbs cliffs of flowstone beach and bare rocks.

  • Quadrangles and courtyards should be planted with relatively formal rows or bosks of flowering trees to provide seasonal color and to maintain landscape fabric consistent with the intimate scale of the contained spaces.

  • Tensile fabric canopies and small bosks of honey locusts offer spots of shade.

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