Definition Of blow


(of a person) expel air through pursed lips.

Willie took a deep breath, and blew

(of an explosion or explosive device) displace violently or send flying.

the blast had blown the windows out of the van


(of flies) lay eggs in or on something.

to repel the hordes of flies that would otherwise blow on the buffalo hide

(of wind) move creating an air current.

a cold wind began to blow

a powerful stroke with a hand, weapon, or hard object.

he received a blow to the skull

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Example Of blow

  • a cold wind began to blow

  • A computer generated voice comes to life as klaxons sound and whistles blow .

  • A little further south, in Cunningham Islet, a pod of Beluga whales blow and laze on the surface of the sea.

  • A stone smashed through an offside window of the vehicle, causing a glancing blow to a passenger.

  • After I hung up the phone I sat outside a little bit and watched the leaves blow on the trees.

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