Definition Of blast


(of a wind or other natural force) wither, shrivel, or blight (a plant).

crops blasted on the eve of harvest

a destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outward from an explosion.

they were thrown backward by the blast

a severe reprimand.

I braced myself for the inevitable blast

a single loud note of a horn, whistle, or other noisemaking device.

a blast of the ship's siren

a strong gust of wind or air.

the icy blast hit them

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Example Of blast

  • A blast of melody rang throughout the crowd, and immediately everyone began to dance around, grabbing the nearest person to be their partner.

  • a blast of the ship's siren

  • A blast of wind hit me but it was warm and sweet with the promise of Spring.

  • A blast of wind hit us in the face and the light blinded me temporarily.

  • a bomb blast

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