Definition Of bilge


break a hole in the bilge of (a ship).

she was hopelessly bilged, her back broken

nonsense; rubbish.

romantic bilge dreamed up by journalists

the area on the outer surface of a ship's hull where the bottom curves to meet the vertical sides.

The consensus is that the insured should have had a non-combustible tarpaulin or heat retardant blanket of some form hung from the top of the bilge area down to the bottom of the bilge against the exhaust port hole on the inside of the boat.

Example Of bilge

  • A proto-sampling record you may say but I bought a copy for 10p and it is bilge .

  • And I say alas because the stuff aired in the morning is bilge and drivel - I fear the day Gnat is interested in this stuff, because it's incredibly boring.

  • As a regular visitor to Edinburgh, residing at my club in the city, I was horrified by the contents of this anti-French bilge in your newspaper.

  • Certainly, reading such bilge is the only time I feel like voting for them.

  • Eagle-eyed readers have spotted that this post is complete bilge .

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