Definition Of beater


a dilapidated but serviceable car.

If you provide the kids with a car, give them an old beater

a means of defeating or preventing something.

a recession-beater

a person employed to flush out or drive game animals for shooting by striking at the ground cover.

he had regularly worked as a beater on grouse shoots on Soyland Moor

a person who hits someone or something, in particular.

a person who hits someone or something, typically on a habitual basis.

he is not a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a woman beater

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Example Of beater

  • A detachment of young peasants had been designated as beaters .

  • A helicopter was placed on standby to assist as steady winds fanned the flames despite firefighters and National Park officials directing six hosereel jets on to the fire and beating out hotspots with rubber beaters .

  • a recession beater

  • A top 10 hit is merely a college radio staple, and I'm downgraded from a Benz to a beater .

  • Acting as the beaters , the infantry platoon is to clear the woods for the enemy eyes forward.

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