Definition Of bar


a barrier or restriction to an action or advance.

political differences are not necessarily a bar to a good relationship

a counter across which alcoholic drinks or refreshments are served.

He'll help with your bags, crack jokes, invite you to eat breakfast on his porch and - if things get busy - let you serve drinks at the bar .

a long rod or rigid piece of wood, metal, or similar material, typically used as an obstruction, fastening, or weapon.

‘I have had iron bars , lumps of wood, bottles, stones and even on old bath thrown into my garden,’ she added.

a measure of music or the time of a piece of music.

He magically evoked the Alpine mystery of the score's opening bars .

a partition in a courtroom or legislative assembly, now usually notional, beyond which most people may not pass and, in court, at which an accused person stands.

the prisoner at the bar

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Example Of bar

  • bar stools

  • a bar to employment

  • a dairy bar

  • A failure by the Court to maintain a dynamic and evolutive approach would risk rendering it a bar to reform or improvement.

  • A gang of youths terrified bus passengers in Leeds last night after going on the rampage with weapons including an iron bar and a bat.

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