Definition Of auxiliary


a person or thing providing supplementary or additional help and support.

a nursing auxiliary

providing supplementary or additional help and support.

an auxiliary nurse

Example Of auxiliary

  • A nursing auxiliary on ward 23 at Bradford Royal Infirmary, she joined the NHS in 1979 and is now a health care assistant in elderly care.

  • A team of 28 dedicated nurses and auxiliary staff are expected to lose their jobs following the shock announcement of the closure of a key Birch Hill Hospital ward.

  • Although the British auxiliary ship could not keep up with the smugglers' speedboat, the helicopter was able to keep up the pursuit.

  • An auxiliary hand pump with a reserve supply of fluid is provided for the operation of all landing gear and wing flaps should the engine-driven pumps fail.

  • An auxiliary military force, called Peta (Pembela Tanah Air, or Defenders of the Homeland), some 35,000 strong by 1944, was raised by the Japanese.

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