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avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others.

the cat's independence has encouraged a view that it is asocial

Example Of asocial

  • An autistic child placed under pressure will behave in an asocial way by withdrawing, or ignoring or using stereotypes (e.g.: rocking or flapping) to place distance between themselves and the source of pressure.

  • By suggesting an asocial relationship before the intervention of social roles, class, and structures, it threatens to upset the existing order.

  • Contrary to a commonly held belief, self-regulated learning is not asocial in nature and origin.

  • He expresses concern that a society that ceases to respect the ‘res publica’ and loses all faith in a ‘national philosophy’ may well drift into an asocial and culturally vacuous anomie.

  • He reasoned that atomized, asocial economic actors better serve competitive markets.

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