Definition Of ask


a request, especially for a donation.

it was an awkward ask for more funding

invite (someone) to one's home or a function.

it's about time we asked Pam to dinner

request (someone) to do or give something.

Mary asked her father for money

say something in order to obtain an answer or some information.

he asked if she wanted coffee

the price at which an item, especially a financial security, is offered for sale.

ask prices for bonds

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Example Of ask

  • ask prices for bonds

  • ask them in

  • all you have to do is ask

  • An abundance of alcohol leads the boys to let their proverbial hair down; they ask Verdu along on a summer road trip, thinking she'll never say yes.

  • And we must also remember that he has never won a Major going into the final round behind - so it will be a tough ask .

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