Definition Of annex


a building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodations.

Many of the consulate staff were working in the vulnerable annexes because the main building - a grand Italianate palace known as Pera House - was being renovated following a fire three years ago.

an addition to a document.

an annex to the report

append or add as an extra or subordinate part, especially to a document.

the first ten amendments were annexed to the Constitution in 1791

Example Of annex

  • an annex to the report

  • An elastic metropolitan area is one in which the central city can easily annex undeveloped land and in which there is ample undeveloped land within the central city for growth.

  • Ardagh Community Council submitted an application to demolish the annex building to the front of the existing community centre.

  • By 1455, at the battle of Arkinholm, he had destroyed the family and annexed their lands, a valuable financial strengthening of the monarchy.

  • Center Pharmacy, which is in Spring Valley in Washington, D.C., shares a building with several pediatricians' offices and an annex of the Children's Hospital.

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