Definition Of all right


expressing or asking for assent, agreement, or acceptance.

all right, I'll tell you

in a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent; fairly well.

everything will turn out all right

satisfactory but not especially good; acceptable.

the tea was all right

used to emphasize how certain one is about something.

“Are you sure it's him?” “It's him all right.”

Example Of all right

  • all right, I'll tell you

  • After the momentary scare, Yastrzemski and the rest of the Red Sox realized that he was all right - at least physically.

  • All right, all right , it's actually a hotel room, but soon I'll have made it into my office.

  • And everybody here belongs to the club except me, and that's all right except for the fact that I'm here.

  • And I was certainly making out all right ; I had a business and a house of my own, completely paid for.

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