Definition Of alias


a false or assumed identity.

a spy operating under the alias Barsad

misidentify (a signal frequency), introducing distortion or error.

The EM signal is aliased according to the aliasing signal to down-convert the EM signal.

used to indicate that a named person is also known or more familiar under another specified name.

Eric Blair, alias George Orwell

Example Of alias

  • a spy operating under the alias Barsad

  • After a few failed attempts to communicate over a cell phone while in transit, I tracked George down at his hotel room in Nashville, where he was staying under the alias of Ralph Mouf.

  • After carving a niche in the tinsel world, Ananth Nagarkatti and M.H.Amarnath, alias Ambarish, entered politics and tried their luck in the new domain.

  • Bolton comic Martin Davies, alias The Mighty Swob, has been recruited as narrator.

  • But he was not so lucky on January 7, 1982, when Martin Cahill, alias The General, put a bomb under his car.

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