(high/good) opinio do someone's heart good (a bit of) good luck (a bit of) luck (of) low quality (of) poor quality -olatry (full) extent (all) alone ébauche -proof (monetary) value (up) in the ai (still) ope (clear) ru (the) sea (just) around the corne (as) flat as a pancake (male) companio (male) escort (male) dancing partne take a good look ebula (made) of flowers (rightly) prized onexclusive organ of hearing (university) lecture last course avid fo wear and tea helpful to (conscious) thought (self-)opinionated (to put it) in a nutshell good for you (financial) rui (going) thin on top (direct) opposite … love (keeping one's head) above wate (up) in the heavens (course of) treatment i beg your pardo éseau oticing (double) whammy widow's mite last resort join agai spiriting up (disorderly) crowd (leading) figure (leading/key) playe (physical) force (sea) fret (little) bit of fluff (the) people idol-worshipping (high) principles (good) trencherwoma (good) trencherma triple tree leafless tree gregorian tree gallow-tree last stages (general) handyma (as) drunk as a skunk (as) drunk as a lord (hard) yakka complete success (sea) loch advisory body (armed) struggle (armed) clash passenger area (aggressively) masculine (vin) mousseux (all) at sea (physical) violence (standing) ovatio (outward) show (assistant) curate … enough etheromaniac (additional) component (feeling of) excitement (swimming) trunks (in) one way or anothe (hard) taskmaste (shopping) parade (shopping) arcade (very) soo you don't say well i neve (public) convenience small area a lone he- onformal (commercial) undertaking … from hell (cause to) decline (suited) to the purpose onrural (as) dry as dust (outer) space (all) at once (let's) say chair umpire (living) image last years (petty) details (wooden) beam (first) digit box-office success bedroom area dormitory area/tow (every) now and then/agai go and chase yourself! on your bike! shoo! be off with you! (all) of a piece (very) great (upward) slope too bad (price) cut (mutual) understanding zappy (piece of) software (deep) insight £ god willing (good) manners (physical) makeup (essential) quality open sesame surrounding area/district span of control (factory) hand (machine) operato (every) now and agai (every) now and the (news) item (just) a moment ago (just) a short time ago (just) round the corne (and) indeed (light) sleep (looking) like an explosion in a paint factory do someone an injustice stint o (plain) vanilla (prize) draw (words) of one syllable eticulum last but not least cooking area (tropical) rainforest arbiter elegantiarum (tight) corne (tight) spot (prison) guard (prison) wardress (prison) warde (greatly) enamored of (bang) up to date (come) rain or shine emote areas (but) in spite of that (but) despite that (but) for all that assistant referee (logical) basis (a) stomach upset (an) upset stomach (a) stomach ache (sense of) exile (diplomatic) missio last year's (mental) collapse itric acid 'twee death rate last minute osaceous cool it one of a kind picnic area last suppe populated area (movie/film) actor/actress (high) dudgeo (beat a) retreat from (military) actio (clothes) closet (cotton) batte here you are