Synonyms Of yeasty


Definition Of yeasty


of, resembling, or containing yeast.

the yeasty smell of rising dough

Example Of yeasty

  • A baguette should have a crisp shell, a white crumb with varied texture and a good yeasty smell of bread.

  • A slight musky odour is OK but a rancid yeasty smell is not.

  • Actually, Clooney's second directorial feature, Good Night, and Good Luck, offers a yeasty gay subtext.

  • All day long the smell of ginger, various berries, sugar, molasses, piecrust, and the warm yeasty smell of bread permeated the air in the kitchens all over the region.

  • Another stunner - creamy and yeasty with flavours of honey in a medium style.

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