Definition Of whores


(of a woman) work as a prostitute.

The news items I've seen indicate that most of the girls confess that they just wanted extra money for clothes, and whoring themselves to a few drooling middle-aged salarymen was the easiest way to get it.

a prostitute.

After learning that his son visits a whore , Wang Lung goes to the prostitute, paying her not to see his son anymore.

Example Of whores

  • At the Bridewell in London, single women suspected of being whores were inspected by other women to establish if they were virgins.

  • ‘At least I don't have to whore myself out to married men,’ he snapped back.

  • ‘Most of the money was spent on booze and women of easy virtue - whores in other words,’ he told me in an interview.

  • Blackburn magistrates heard that David Ainsworth was ranting and raving during the assault, calling his former wife a ‘slag, a whore and a slut’.

  • Come on, support your sisters, don't talk about being sluts and whores .

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