Definition Of wet


(of a country or region or of its legislation) allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages.

a person lacking forcefulness or strength of character.

cover or touch with liquid; moisten.

he wet a finger and flicked through the pages

covered or saturated with water or another liquid.

she followed, slipping on the wet rock

liquid that makes something damp.

I could feel the wet of his tears

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Example Of wet

  • wet methods of photography

  • a wet, windy evening

  • A word of warning, if the weather is wet , the lane down to these pegs, normally easy, can become dangerous!

  • About 10,000 people braved wet and windy weather to attend the ceremony at the Margraten cemetery in the southern Netherlands.

  • After the application of the repellent, subjects were instructed not to rub, touch, or wet the treated arm.

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