Definition Of walk-up


(of a building) allowing access to the upper floors by stairs only; having no elevator.

a walk-up hotel

a building allowing access to the upper floors by stairs only.

He carted them all back to his rent-stabilized walk-up on the Upper East Side.

Example Of walk-up

  • a walk-up hotel

  • a studio apartment in an ungentrified walk-up

  • About 2/3 way through the trip, the train makes one intermediate station stop near where there is a walk-up trail to the top of the mountain.

  • After first moving there in the winter of 1940, Guthrie met and lived with the legendary bluesman Leadbelly and his wife Martha in their cramped walk-up apartment on the lower East Side.

  • Besides, I dare you to come up with something more fun than shopping for wedding dresses and a new walk-up apartment with crutches.

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