unfortunates Meaning in Bengali

বেশ্যা দুর্ভাগা লোক

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Definition Of unfortunates


a person who suffers bad fortune.

The advance of militarism has produced a huge organisation of careerist officers and enlisted unfortunates , young people who see service as a way out of one or another poverty-stricken ghetto.

Example Of unfortunates

  • According to the Government, these unfortunates should then be ‘free to move on to new ventures unencumbered by the stigma and restraints traditionally associated with bankruptcy’.

  • Allow me to explain Fayer's evil plan to you poor unfortunates who have to suffer through his company with me.

  • ‘I'm sorry, you'll have to wait for the next one,’ said the conductor as he left these five unfortunates and their oversized contraptions behind.

  • By 1920, there remained only six of these unfortunates left unnamed, and the decision was taken to publish their photographs in national newspapers in the hope that some family member would come forward.

  • He's not talking about the ‘collateral damage’ that did for these unfortunates .

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