Definition Of unfortunate


a person who suffers bad fortune.

Allow me to explain Fayer's evil plan to you poor unfortunates who have to suffer through his company with me.

having or marked by bad fortune; unlucky.

the unfortunate Cunningham was fired

Example Of unfortunate

  • After the match, coach Mackie said he was extremely happy with the players' efforts, but it was unfortunate that the Warriors were not able to convert their chances in the box.

  • And it's not as the Mexican government presented it as an unfortunate remark.

  • And that's terribly unfortunate , and we have to solve this problem.

  • Ask them for a European Accident Statement - you can use this if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident to record all the details you will need to make a claim.

  • ‘If a person is unfortunate enough to fail their test the first time they need to re-take it as soon as possible,’ he said.

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