Definition Of unbar

remove the bars from (a gate or door); unlock.

Similarly, scared by the fire alarm, the heroine decides to ‘ unbar , unbolt, unlock, and open’ the door and cross the space that separates her from Lovelace.

Example Of unbar

  • Even the low two-storey army buildings seemed to smile a delayed welcome, as a gate was unbarred and I went through an elaborate signing-in ceremony in the guardroom.

  • Hark got a ladder and set it against the chimney, on which I ascended, and hoisting a window, entered and came down stairs, unbarred the door, and removed the guns from their places.

  • He staggers to the door, unlocks and unbars it, and lets Desdemona and Deuterium Boy in.

  • In the eternal limbo room Madi snarled at the door until it showed itself, then threatened to blast it to bits unless it unbarred itself.

  • Okay, so I'm going to try to get through the window, and you guys have to hold on to my ankles, and then I'll unbar the door so we can get out.

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