Definition Of triumph


(of a Roman general) ride into ancient Rome after a victory.

Caesar triumphed at Rome four times in the same month, with a few days between each triumph.

a great victory or achievement.

a garden built to celebrate Napoleon's many triumphs

achieve a victory; be successful.

spectacle has once again triumphed over content

the processional entry of a victorious general into ancient Rome.

Such was the fate of the Vandal king, Gelimir, paraded through Constantinople in 534 in a procession evoking the triumphs of ancient Rome.

Example Of triumph

  • A team of young St John Ambulance volunteers has returned in triumph to York after winning a national quiz competition for the fifth time.

  • After live rather unequal rounds, the audience was allowed to vote for the winner, who was then awarded a victory sash and led off in triumph .

  • After several months of floods, gales, tantrums, and boisterous whisky parties, he returned in triumph to a London which was already agog at his endeavour.

  • Agricola circumnavigated the island, was ordered to Rome, and celebrated his triumph .

  • Although the Wasps were beaten 30-14 at South Leeds Stadium, it was their best performance in weeks and almost ended in triumph .

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