Definition Of tramp


a cargo vessel that carries goods among many different ports rather than sailing a fixed route.

a tramp steamer

a long walk, typically a tiring one.

they start off on a tramp from Roxbury to New York

a metal plate protecting the sole of a boot.

a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar.

In this category fall some of the adaptive activities of psychotics, autists, pariahs, outcasts, vagrants, vagabonds, tramps , chronic drunkards and drug addicts.

a promiscuous woman.

She is nothing more than a tramp that sleeps around.

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Example Of tramp

  • a tramp steamer

  • After the tramp had washed his feet and his socks, he tip-toed over the gravel to the grass.

  • Appropriately, he spends most of his days on tramp steamers, skiffs and barges.

  • Armed with a third key, I tramp up the stairs once more.

  • As summer bled its long days into the shortening evenings of autumn, I'd tramp in reluctantly with feet squidging in wet runners.

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