townsman Meaning in Bengali

পুরবাসী শহরবাসী

Synonyms Of townsman

Definition Of townsman

a male resident of a particular town or city.

a townsman of Bury


a man living in a particular town or city.

Old man, the orchard keeper you work for is no townsman .

Example Of townsman

  • a townsman of Bury

  • Apparently one bold townsman had swum out to push the remaining crates together.

  • As another townsman observes, ‘That Baptiste is some fellow’.

  • As far as the Royalists were concerned, the typical Parliamentarian was a ‘base mechanic’: a low-born, lumpen townsman , inexperienced in judgment and inelegant in appearance.

  • But your major characters are a dumb, vain young king; a big, dumb townsman ; a huge, dumb, evil sidekick who likes to cook; and one evil old bag who seems to have escaped from a natural history museum.

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