Definition Of tone


(in some languages, such as Chinese) a particular pitch pattern on a syllable used to make semantic distinctions.

Ethnic Liberian languages usually contain two or three distinct tones , based on pitch, which indicate semantic or grammatical differences.

a basic interval in classical Western music, equal to two semitones and separating, for example, the first and second notes of an ordinary scale (such as C and D, or E and F sharp); a major second or whole step.

He uses this music to introduce octaves, accented rhythms, a whole tone scale and a continuous cross-hand pattern.

a musical or vocal sound with reference to its pitch, quality, and strength.

the piano tone appears monochrome or lacking in warmth

give (a monochrome picture) an altered color in finishing by means of a chemical solution.

With the toner used at full strength, the print should be fully toned in about six to eight minutes.


give greater strength or firmness to (the body or a muscle).

push-ups help tone your abs

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Example Of tone

  • a certain amount of daily exercise is essential to maintain proper body tone and function

  • a firm tone of voice

  • a reduction of muscle tone

  • an attractive color that is even in tone and texture

  • an attractive colour which is even in tone and texture

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