Definition Of summation


the process of adding things together.

The two most often cited explanations for this phenomenon are unmasking of the effects of deleterious recessive alleles and summation of the dominant effects of multiple loci brought together in the progeny.

the process of summing something up.

This implies that there is complicated (non-linear) summation of signals converging on to the cell from the retina surrounding the blind spot.

Example Of summation

  • An efficient algorithm for Ewald summation calculations for the multistate empirical valence bond model is also introduced.

  • But I for one see nothing wrong with it as a brief summation of our proper role in world affairs.

  • But the work as a whole is a perfect summation of the very ideas proposed by minimal art: taking the bare minimum of sounds and reworking them to create something interesting, challenging, and rewarding.

  • For instance, nickel and chromium, when present together in steel, can cause a greater segregation of antimony than might be expected from simple summation of their separate effects.

  • He reiterates the issues at the end of each chapter, with a brief summation of the argument, thus giving the reader a basic understanding of each author's particular intention.

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