Definition Of strop


a bad mood; a temper.

Nathalie gets in a strop and makes to leave

a device, typically a strip of leather, for sharpening straight razors.

He taught his sons the Bible and beat them with a razor strop .

sharpen on or with a strop.

he stropped a knife razor-sharp on his belt

Example Of strop

  • AB Troy Norris from HMAS Coonawarra Naval Stores lowers the strops from a crane.

  • ‘Unfortunately we couldn't get him into the strop because of his injuries,’ he said.

  • Dad was one that when he got mad at us, he hit us with a razor strop .

  • First there are the six years, age six to twelve, of being beaten severely once a week with a razor strop by his ex-soldier father.

  • Having arrived at the payload you can begin to rig the lift using either rope or the supplied attachment strops .

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