Definition Of spreads


a large and impressively elaborate meal.

Fiftyish, 350-pound art dealers in suits ‘eat’ huge banquet spreads , gorging themselves with the sloppy abandon of famished Vikings, only to discover the food is merely a hallucination.

a soft paste that can be applied in a layer to bread or other food.

Retailers can sell more bagels and bread with the spread at a convenient reach, creating an impulse purchase.

an article or advertisement covering several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one on two facing pages.

Additionally, Seventeen will run spreads in two issues touting the program.

apply (a substance) to an object or surface in an even layer.

The 3D printer spreads one thin layer of powder over the print bed, then passes over the powder just as an inkjet printer head passes over paper.

extend over a large or increasing area.

Lavarack Barracks is bound to the south by the imposing outcrop of Mt Stuart, with its range of foothills, and spreads northwards across a flat plain to the east-west axis of University Drive.

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