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a person's assistant or close associate, especially one who has less authority than that person.

He uses Tingary, his half-witted sidekick , to assist him in his plots to bring down the jester.

Example Of sidekick

  • All the cast were worth their weight in gold but the audience particularly enjoyed Norman Pace's hapless constable Dogberry and his idiotic sidekicks .

  • Alvin Crawford and John Criter are hilarious as Falstaff's sidekicks , but Franco Pomponi's voice needs greater heft to make Ford's frequent rages comic.

  • But his infamy was sealed by the government's all-out campaign against his hapless sidekicks , falsely portrayed as part of a vast Confederate plot.

  • Eventually, the bully's sidekicks realise things have gone too far and, with Julian's friends, set about getting the bullying stopped.

  • Figueroa and Tilley play sidekicks to Payne and Repond's characters, respectively.

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