Definition Of sharpen


make or become sharp.

she sharpened her pencil

Example Of sharpen

  • A typical recruit told an interviewer that when he arrived he learned that he owed eight dollars for the ride, another ninety cents for his cane knife and sharpener , plus room and board.

  • And I think when the economic message sharpens on health care, the economy, job creation, you'll see the race tighten.

  • At this very moment, exam markers are sharpening their red pencils to ring such sloppiness.

  • Baxter admitted he was not pleased with the previous day's training, where too many players showed their poor finishing during a lengthy session devoted to shooting practice, in which he tried to sharpen matters up in front of goal.

  • Does he pay attention or is he the one always out at the front of the class sharpening his pencil?

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