Definition Of retrieve


an act of retrieving something, especially game that has been shot.

In the trained retrieve , we show the dog how to be successful by first thoroughly teaching it what to do before we begin reinforcing the command "Fetch."

get or bring (something) back; regain possession of.

I was sent to retrieve the balls from his garden

the possibility of recovery.

he ruined himself beyond retrieve

Example Of retrieve

  • A few years ago I attempted to learn how to retrieve fly line into loops held in my hand.

  • After forgetting the passphrase, there is no way to retrieve the information.

  • Although he was reviled at the time as a shallow opportunist, it is fairer to see Brienne as a pragmatic political operator who did what he could to retrieve an increasingly impossible situation.

  • At length, all hope was at an end; I was ruined beyond retrieve .

  • Do you have a computer available to retrieve e-mail and implement your online marketing strategy?

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