Definition Of resistant


denoting starch that is not easily broken down by enzymes within the body and is therefore minimally absorbed during digestion.

cooked rice, like bread, contains a useful amount of resistant starch, which acts like fiber in the digestive system

offering resistance to something or someone.

some of the old churches are resistant to change

Example Of resistant

  • Resistant starches may also help with weight loss since there isn't any change in the taste and texture of foods, but since it is digested differently, you absorb fewer calories.

  • A diet rich in fibre and resistant starch encourages the growth of good bacteria.

  • Already diseases like TB are making a resurgence in the West, including strains increasingly resistant to most antibiotics.

  • Antibiotic therapy for these noninfectious problems results in the colonization of highly resistant organisms.

  • Behavior that is controlled in this intermittent way becomes highly resistant to change.

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