Definition Of reserve


(in the decoration of ceramics or textiles) an area that still has the original color of the material or the color of the background.

Penwork decoration, with designs in reserves on a black background, may itself have first developed within the Tunbridge ware industry.

(in various sports) serve again.

She re-served the ball back into the penalty box and found Vanessa, who headed it home.


a force or body of troops kept back from action to reinforce or protect others, or additional to the regular forces and available in an emergency.

a lack of warmth or openness in manner or expression.

she smiled and some of her natural reserve melted

a place set aside for special use, in particular.

There are areas where land has been put aside for reserves but are now being used for different things.

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Example Of reserve

  • a reserve was allocated to the tribe on Bear Island

  • A private landowner who wishes to undertake forestry operations on their land may apply to have the land declared a private timber reserve under the provisions of the Forest Practices Act 1985.

  • A research vessel ran aground in a Hawaiian marine wildlife reserve on Sunday and appears to be leaking oil.

  • Although he fitted the stereotype, his readiness to talk without reserve was untypical.

  • An additional battalion was made available for ‘corps use,’ and another battalion as an artillery reserve for the army.

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