Definition Of reservation


(in the Roman Catholic Church) the action of a superior of reserving to himself the power of absolution.

Jurisdiction and the reservation of absolution of particularly serious sins for pedagogical reasons are defended later.

a qualification to an expression of agreement or approval; a doubt.

some generals voiced reservations about making air strikes

the action of reserving something.

the reservation of positions for non-Americans

Example Of reservation

  • 1989 guaranteed one-third reservation for women- during the elections two years ago, the results were dismal.

  • A Native American Indian reservation straddles the line dividing Mexico and the United States.

  • A room reservation form should be sent directly to the hotel.

  • Among the facets discussed are the imperatives and challenges facing rural women, the merits of reservation (for women) and the need for social action by women.

  • As a young man, he farmed land originally within the reservation boundaries.

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