Definition Of repugnance


inconsistency or incompatibility of ideas or statements.

With such strong economic and social forces in play, any argument that simply appeals to the repugnancy of eating our closest cousins is bound to be dismissed as ethnocentrism.

intense disgust.

our growing repugnance at the bleeding carcasses

Example Of repugnance

  • As long as you are prepared for the repugnance , you will more or less enjoy this graphic, gritty cinematic experiment.

  • Balzac once wrote that ‘the most natural emotions are those we acknowledge with the most repugnance .’

  • But because of its success combined with its repugnance , spam is changing the very culture of the Internet with sorry results.

  • But the repugnancy can be resolved by giving the word ‘passage’ in the new legislation a particular meaning which was given to it by the Full Court.

  • But, intimately acquainted with the Kirshner world through his familial ties, Andras's repugnance is complicated by a potent blend of envy, exile, and secret longing.

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