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Definition Of recessional


a hymn sung while the clergy and choir process out of church at the end of a service.

Gail Smith, who has been active in church music, has assembled a useful group of pieces suitable for church or Sunday school preludes, offertories or recessionals .

of or relating to an economic recession.

recessional times

relating to an economic recession.

recessional times

Example Of recessional

  • recessional times

  • A substantial recessional moraine accumulated at the junction of the three tributary glaciers at this position.

  • After the recessional Croft waited until the exodus had abated, nodded silently to her ladyship as she passed down the aisle, and followed the stragglers out.

  • After the recessional we slip away from Mama and Papa, who will loiter by the door to exchange pleasantries with Father Friend.

  • Because it has diversified from gaming and tourism, Las Vegas is no longer immune to U.S. recessional trends, he said.

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