Definition Of read


(of a computer) copy, transfer, or interpret (data).

Depending on what the charge inside is, the computer reads the memory cell as a ‘1’ or ‘0’.

a person's interpretation of something.

their read on the national situation may be correct

discover (information) by reading it in a written or printed source.

he was arrested yesterday—I read it in the paper

hear and understand the words of (someone speaking on a radio transmitter).

“Do you read me? Over.”

inspect and record the figure indicated on (a measuring instrument).

I've come to read the gas meter

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Example Of read

  • read the information on this page

  • Apart from being a splendid read , Finola O'Kane's study may prove a useful corrective to that.

  • At times these read as lecture notes; at others more like a dramatic monologue.

  • “Do you read me? Over.”

  • But how can you read the clues as to what's going on in the boss's mind - or behind the scenes?

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