Definition Of pursue


(of a person or way) continue or proceed along (a path or route).

the road pursued a straight course over the scrubland

follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them.

the officer pursued the van

Example Of pursue

  • A second set of runners then had to follow and pursue this trail.

  • A stalker who tried to pursue a Lady Chatterley-style relationship with an Earl's daughter has been given a suspended jail sentence for flouting a court order to leave her alone.

  • And the correspondence is evidence that he was not alone in thinking along those lines, even if he did pursue the idea more single-mindedly than others did.

  • Andrew was determined to pursue a computer career

  • At the end, it was clear that Bessy had succeeded in infusing her passion for dance into the hearts and bodies of her students, and is now ready to pursue her latest goal: freedom.

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